Girl birth comfort box + combipilot

Tax excluded

Assortment of seasonal clothing including the necessary for baby's comfort and a convenient add-on:

2 sleeping bags

10 bodies

8 pyjamas

5 outfits

2 long-sleeved vests

7 pairs of socks

2 caps

1 warm outdoor suit

Rental duration: 5 weeks.

Everything can be customized according to YOUR preferences! See below.


The clothes are chosen by us.

We prepare your box in sizes 50 and 56 two weeks before the end of your pregnancy (please indicate the expected date in the comments box when ordering). Then, on simple confirmation at birth (by phone, sms or email), we send you the corresponding box within 3 working days.

Preferences regarding patterns/distribution of items? Say it in the comments box of your order (valid for the same total number of pieces).

Possibility of extension on a week-by-week basis, see conditions here.

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