In mass distribution, on an average of the minimum prices observed and tested :

1 pajama costs CHF 10, i.e. CHF 70 for 7

1 bodysuit costs CHF 5, or CHF 35 for 7

1 outfit or set (pants/skirt and pullover) costs CHF 25, i.e. CHF 50 for 2

1 sleeping bag costs CHF 20 to 40 depending on the season

1 long-sleeved vest costs CHF 15

5 pairs of socks cost CHF 10

1 cap costs CHF 5, i.e. CHF 10 for 2

This means a total of around CHF 220 for this batch of clothes that baby will use between 1 and 2 months maximum depending on the age.

At Bibou'tic, the same assortment contained in the standard birth box costs about half this price and can be returned free of charge when the size no longer fits:

no shopping in stores
no waste
no storage
no hassle
and above all, no overspending!