Bibou'tic was born out of the desire of 2 women, Delphine, a paralegal and crazy about her little daughters, and Sonia, an assistant nurse and passionate about fashion, internet and social networks, to give a new twist to their personal and professional lives.

After several years of frequenting moms and babies, the idea came to us to share a different approach, more economical, ecofriendly and convenient to dress babies and future moms: clothing rental.

So we decided to join forces, to combine our thoughts, feelings, arguments and genius to give life to our concept through an online shop.

And we are now putting all our heart into making it an attractive eshop, easy to use, with nice articles at very soft prices, so that it is affordable for everyone, and to continue to make it evolve with our new ideas!


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Where does our name come from?

At the birth of our daughter/niece, this beautiful book, Le Bibou, with texts and illustrations by Isol, was given to us by a very close friend.

"A story based on real, very real facts: a Bibou arrives, shaking up all the family's habits, like an alien we don't understand anything about. The Bibou wants to learn everything about the world. And we must learn everything from him. A thrilling adventure begins... »

While looking for a name for our concept around the baby, this little word quickly imposed itself to us as an evidence ...

Starting with Bibou and the idea of an online store, the conjunction gave birth to Bibou'tic, and the adventure began...